“With Mas y Menos events, we try to engage the community and contribute to the neighborhood. We offer things like Yoga on the Patio with Aloha Yoga and Wellness, Casey leads bike rides on Sunday mornings. We have painting classes some evenings with Nudha Boutique, and numerous groups hold meetings at the shop. So often times there is a lot going on at the shop” 

On El Paso coffee culture:

“We feel that we’re also trying to lift the collective level of coffee in El Paso. This by doing Mas y Menos events like having coffee cuppings to educate our clientele about why specialty beans are important. And how we differ from something like Starbucks or home use KCups”

Other El Paso coffee shops like Coffee Party, District, and Hillside Coffee came and competed, so it’s kinda cool to bring something like that to El Paso.  In Austin or San Francisco, these competitions are pretty common place. The culture here isn’t quite as mature yet, however we’re trying to change that!” 

Specialty doesn’t mean snobby, and our passionate staff of barista’s is happy to engage in a conversation about what’s the perfect cup of joe just for you.

“As a new neighborhood business, we’d really like to thank the neighborhood for all the support we’ve received. It’s really been extraordinary.  We have so much gratitude! Is the people that have helped us be what we’ve become at Mas y Menos”