Mas y Menos menu goes from specialty coffee, wine and craft beer to brunch, lunch and dinner!

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Mas y Menos is similar to other specialty coffee shops, but with a twist. Typically coffee shops are great places to hang out, have a conversation and get your caffeine fix. But great shops have the ability to do more, to create community and be a gathering place for people. However, the financial and business limitations associated with coffee shops is that people really only saturate them in the morning, (the golden hours for coffee shops are typically between 8AM and 11AM) A specialty coffee shop doesn’t typically use the space efficiently. To overcome this limitation Mas y Menos pairs beer and wine with a coffee concept. Mas y Menos isn’t the first to take a run at this concept, Casey mentions Brew and Brew, and Radio both from Austin, and Cartel of Tucson as the trend setting shops where he and Marcela mirrored the concept.  

The journey of idea’s and Casey and Marcela’s relationship has led to the neighborhood Coffee Wine and Craft Beer Bar Mas y Menos which is located on the west side of El Paso on the corner of Belvidere and Westwind. 

Doing things well and being a local accessible business are of great importance to Casey and Marcela.  “We really care about doing things well; and have a passion for great coffee, craft beer and wine, but there’s more to it than just selling beverages”